Harley Davidson Spirit Retractable Fountain Pen



Hi fountain pen enthusiasts and those who has a special love for their two wheel transportation gadgets!
This week’s pen is Harley Davidson Spirit Retractable Fountain Pen. We know that Harley Davidson gone into cooperation with some fountain pen companies like Waterman and produce some fountain pens. However, I could not learn which company they have the cooperation with in this pen.
This pen’s feature is that it has a retractable nib such as Montblanc Boheme. Therefore when you first pull the cap off, there is no nib over there. However, if you twist the black knob on top then you will have the nib coming out from the body.
When you screw the grip section off, then you have your pen disassembled. While cleaning the pen you can just flush this part. So it is somehow practical.
I have to make this addition for those who uses pen clips. This pen’s clips is a hidden one but it reveals when you push the cap from the top.
Pen has a steel nib on it with a Harley Davidson logo engraved in gold color. My pen had a Medium nib. But I don’t think that it comes with another nib option. However, body has options like blue and green apart from burgundy.
Even though it is not a daily carry pen for me, I love my Harley Davidson pens. This pen is a bit on heavy side due to its mechanism inside but it writes nicely and this logo makes me happy. Maybe one day I will have my own Harley motorcycle. Right?
Zeynep Onwheel


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