How to Swap Lamy Nibs?


Lamy uses the same style steel or gold nib in many of its pens. Nibs of, Lamy Vista, Safari, Studio, Al-Star, CP, Nexx, Linea, ABC, Accent and the most important of all calligraphy pens Joy are all compatible. It means that, if you have medium nib Lamy Safari, you can buy extra nibs without getting a new pen and change it to an extra fine or broad or an italic nib.

I usually order my nibs from Writing Desk or Cult Pens and besides, in Turkey, I order them from a gittigidiyor account. (tık tık) No problems so far!

I  think, even just because of this easy nib swap, Lamy can be nominated to be the perfect beginners fountain pen. What do you think?


Zeynep Newpen


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