Ines de la Fressange

One of the numerous reasons why I started this blog on the first place is, there were no reviews available for some of the fountain pens I had. Ines de la Fressange is one them. As you could see from the photos below, Ines de la Fressange is mostly making their production for ladies. It could be seem normal that this pen has no reviews on the internet when the masculine structure of the fountain pen world is considered.
As you could see from the photos, Ines (lets call it Ines, you could tell we are pretty close :p) comes with a beautiful lilac stripped box. (By the way, some of the photos have been taken with flash, some of them w/o. For now, I am quite new on photo shooting but as appeared, with the assistance of my little helpers, I will try to shoot better photos in time)
It has a very plain but elegant boxing. The place where the pen lays has some stitches which aims to stop pen from rolling but it is just a nest for the pen and not very successful on keeping it on the nest. The fountain pen lengths approximately 11 centimeters when the cap is clicked on the top. I must say, like Kawecos’ this pen becomes full-size only with its cap placed on top and it is thinner than the average pens. It does not a problem if you have small hands as I do, but with normal hands it is not possible or convenient to write with this pen without its cap placed.
Examining the pen generally, we could see a heavy body for that dimensions and elaborate craftsmanship on every detail. That brown model I purchased from the famous chain bookstore and stationery Gibert Joseph, is covered with stylized Ines patterns. However, you should be looking very carefully in order to notice that the pattern on the pen is actually the word Ines. Even though I never carry my pens on my shirt pocket, I could tell that the leaf-shaped clips is powerful enough to cling on. That fountain pen covered with the fine details of craftsmanship has leaf-shaped engravings on the cap and nib edges.
When we are talking about the nib and writing quality of the pen; as you could see it is not one of the standard fountain pen nibs but a custom made blade shape nib bearing the initials of the Ines de la Fressange company. There is no indicator showing the thickness of the nib, such as F, M, B. Nevertheless, judging from the writing properties, we could say the nib is between M and B and it is a wet type fountain pen. Actually, one of the few links referred to this pen states the nib as M, but it is not totally wrong to state that pen performs between M and B since it is wet quality.
To put in a nutshell, even though it is not a men type fountain pen, Ines de la Fressange with its elegant, beautiful and elaborate style is suitable both for daily use and as a present for ladies. That’s why I am quite surprised that nobody had any reviews on this pen before. For the ones who is curious about the price, it is approximately 40 Euros.


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