Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku

Approaching end of the week let’s cheer with a nice ink. Ku-Jaku from the famous Iroshizuku family gets its name from peacocks as ku-jaku means peacock in Japanese.
It comes within the classic Iroshizuku bottles similar to a good designer perfume bottle and attracts us the most. The small rope tied on the neck has a function to catch the small drips which can slip down from the bottle neck while we are filing our pen.
Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku is a nice and calm tone of green. If you don’t have rigid rules at your workplace I think it can be used daily. Actually imho we could be using every color in daily life but it is another topic of discussion 🙂
Like other Iroshizuku inks, Ku-Jaku has a good flow. It matches perfect both with Calligart glass pen and my vintage Atlas fountain pen. It can be cleaned from the pen easily.
If you like shading in the inks, I have some bad news for you. Ku-Jaku might not be the best shading ink. However it has a great saturation. So it is easy to read if you tend to use very fine nibs.
Unfortunately it is not best friends with water. Even though it does not washed away, it smears a lot by water. Try to find something else if you need a waterproof ink. Who would like Ku-Jaku? You will like ti if you are looking for an ink with good qualities, a different shade of green with high saturation.
For a few days I will be visiting our neighbor Greece so there might be some delay responding the comments etc.
Zeynep Daughter of Hera
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