It is officially holiday

And let the vacation start… But what I am going to take with me? This time I limited fountain pens I take with two. Is it safe to carry a fountain pen on the plane? For a couple of times, I got my inked fountain pens with me on the plane and placed them nibs looking up and did not experienced any porblems. However, if you don’t want to risk it, you can take cartridges with you and install the cartridge after you land.
I got Metal Yapi promotion notebook with me. (In order to remember just click) It has the ideal size. As a book, I did something unusual. Generally people tend to read some novels on the beach. I was dealing with this problem by carrying my Kindle around so that I can choose whatever I want. However, this time I am trying something new and something taking me back to my childhood. (Larousse Dictionary of Symbols) When I was a kid, we used to read encyclopeia with my father and stumble through the dictionaries. Our habbit of stumbling dictionaries caused my father to be a dictionary collector… Well maybe we will stumble this dictonary with my father while sitting at the balcony.
Even though I took my computer along with me, I am not sure about the internet connection. I will try to do my best to response the comments and publish new posts.
What do you take with you, when you are going on a holiday?
Zeynep Waterbird

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