Izmir and Istanbul Meetings


This week I was a bit slow and late for posts but I had a long trip from Antalya to Izmir and I had two blog meetings in this week so I hope you can forgive me. I am willing to compansate it this week.
I visited a stationery store in Izmir and it was not only huge by the product range but also has great people working in who are in love with fountain pens and stationery products.
We also had a meeting in Izmir. I thank to all who came that evening. I look quite tired!
And we celebrated the second anniversary of Write to Me Often. It was a plesant organization with so many people participating. To be frank, I wasn’t expecting that many people 🙂
Again I would like to thank to all who came, joined into the great conversation and sharing their passion to writing and writing tools. Hope we can have another years together.
Zeynep Happypen

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