J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor

Hi All,
J. Herbin launched the new ink of 1670 line but I don’t want to put away this ink without giving it a proper review. Chivor is city of Columbia famous for emeralds. And this is where the name comes from. This ink appealed so many fountain pen enthusiasts with the great green color and sheen.
Emerald of Chivor is an ink of sheen. Sheen is visible on the writing, on the feed and many places you wonder. I wanted to try it on many different papers to demonstrate it better. (I hope)
Here above it is on Tomoe River white paper.
 And if you want to see the red sheen, it is better if you use Tomoe River.
 And if you want to show more sheen, you a direct light on the paper while photographing.
 But don’t get intimidated. When you start writing the sheen replaces itself with a great tone of green.
 Let’s talk about the cleaning of inks with sheen. (Especially that much of a sheen) I know, many people avoid using those inks because of that. And it is true that, although being really finely grinded, this inks has particles.
 I inked my two Pelikans (one old and one new) with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor. As you can see the feeds are full of sheen particles. However, I cannot say I had hard times cleaning it. But please be aware, it is better if you do not leave your pens inked with those kind of inks, more than a week. And it is of course better if you prefer a pen with ease of cleaning. I prefer my Pelikan’s since it is easy to remove the nib and clean them.
 J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor is not bad with water. Although I swiped through with a water brush, there has been some feathering but no noticeable color loss.
 I know, it is not an everyday ink. However, I know this ink surprises people whom find our fountain pen world a bit boring and dull. On one hand, I am glad we have some novelties on our (kind of conservative) fountain pen world and on the other hand, I cannot help myself but think how many inks I will buy more and when I am going to finish them.
 But of course I didn’t forget about you when I ordered this ink. If you manage to read this article so far, please follow the blog and leave a comment before 28.06.2015 (18:00) (I am not sure if we can post a bottle of ink to abroad but I promise I will do my best)
Zeynep Greenink

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