J. Herbin Vert Pré Ink Review

Hello Folks,
I wish you a day as green as grass. Today is Vert Pré. Regular followers of this blog generally know that I have an affection towards J. Herbin inks. Although I am always pissed off with the bottle design (both regular series and 1670 series) I love the colors.
 Especially, J. Herbin inks has great tones of green. (I reviewed Emerald of Chivor recently and Vert Empire before) This time, I wanted to host Vert Pré, an ink that I like but recently forgotten that I got 🙂 I know it is not an official document ink but I am sure it will make you smile using in your daily correspondence.
 Vert Pré is not prefect with the water but no matter how much you try, it does not fade off from the paper.
 What is your favorite green ink?
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Zeynep Greenday

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