Jean Pierre Lepine Attila Rollerball Pen

 Surprised? Yes, I am surprised as well while expecting a Jean Pierre Lepine Attila Fountain Pen from Paris and got Attila Rollerball instead!
However this pen delighted me with its quality of resin body and smooth writing and beat my prejudice upon rollerball pens. Besides, when I took it with me to my Dalaman flight in order to avoid any fountain pen accidents, people asked about my pen in both flights. Indeed, the pen is different and gorgeous.
When we come to Jean Pierre Lepine brand, you could find the products in the website, but there is no information about the brand itself.
Nevertheless, the craftsmen is perfect with the pen and resin body has great quality. Trim is flawless and Jean Pierre Lepine brand is finely engraved to the belt. Actually the reason why I wanted to buy the fountain pen at the first place was the beautifully designed nib of Jean Pierre Lepine pens. As you could see from the link, Attila Fountain Pen has a very aesthetic nib.
As understood from the photo, pen is really petite! It can be a full size pen only when the cap is posted. It is 10.5 centimeters when the cap is closed, 9.2 centimeters when the cap is unposted and 14 centimeters when the cap is posted on top.
But what is the defect of that great pen? I guess it has two main problems. Firstly, it is a bit expensive, it is about 100-125 USD and secondly, it is very heavy and not very comfortable at long writing periods.
Do you use rollerballs and which ones?


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