Jinhao T1 fountain pen

Here I am with T1 model of Jinhao or a Lamy Safari Knock-off. I stumbled upon this pen in a stationery store of Ankara.
The only main difference of Jinhao T1 from Lamy Safari is the nib shape. Instead of sliding nib of Lamy Safari, Jinhao T1 has a more traditional nib.
The nib is a standard Chinese nib. It is on the dry side. However, nib is smooth and problem-free.
Different from Lamy, the clips of the pen is a bit flat and there is no cross or dot on the cap top.
Quality of the material is quite low when compared to Lamy. Especially the teeth revealed from the ink window is a turn off for the pen.
It takes standard European cartridges but the neck of the cartridge coming with the pen has a longer neck compared to standard cartridges.
As you can see, Jinhao T1 is a cheap knock off of Lamy Safari. I can be a pen for starters or a little experience toy for the kids you want to introduce with fountain pen.
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Zeynep Mynameisred

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