Kaweco 1910 Eyedropper Limited Edition

We love vintage pens! However, collecting vintage pens is a hard and painful path to travel. Firstly, it is hard to find them. Even though we find, most of the cases the material of the pen is quite tired, sometimes it is badly treated and if it is a new old stock, then it is quite expensive. Understanding this, Kaweco relaunched one of its own vintage pens, naming it Kaweco 1910 Limited Edition.
Pen comes in a book shaped box. You can give a chance to this box even though you throw away the ordinary boxes.
When you lift the pad where your pen laid, 6 boxes of Kaweco cartridges and a leather pen pouch is waiting for you. Probably this pen pouch is made for another pen of Kaweco so, Kaweco 1910 barely fits in.
Kaweco 1910 is a simple pen. Basically it is an eyedropper pen like its ancestor launched in 1910. Therefore, you fill it with an eyedropper, pipet or a syringe. However in this modern version, you can also use cartridges.
Kaweco 1910 has a 14k gold nib. Although there is no indication of nib size over the nib, I guess it is an EF or F.
It is not a vintage flex but still it has a line variation, smooth and has a good flow.
The pen has a marking of “Kaweco 579” on the body. I couldn’t get any information about it. This very pen belongs to a friend of mine and I borrowed it for a review. I liked this pen. What about you?
Zeynep Vintagepen


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