Kaweco Art Sports Amber and Citrone


Did I mention that I like Kaweco pens so much? Especially with the new nibs 🙂 Pens above are Citrone (yellow one) and Amber (brown) from Kaweco Art Sport series. Since they are made of resin, they are soft and warm…

 I have black coated steel nib in the Citron. It has a different writing style and characteristic hard feel. I get it as a present but Cult pens is providing it. (click here)
Amber has Kaweco’s 14k gold fine nib. It is a quite smooth writer. I also received it as a present but you can get it from Jet Pens. (click here)
 Since I like both pens I often carry them around. And with those great gifted nibs, I made them special. And please let me thank Mr. X again for these lovely presents.
Zeynep Penthusiast


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