Kaweco Perkeo

Have you seen Kaweco Perkeo fountain pens?
Kaweco’s these new fountain pens are eye candies while they are also budget friendly. For many years, fountain pens have been seen as an expensive desire objects especially under some brands. (You know them, we all know them) However, recently many companies started investing on entry level pens. Kaweco was playing to the top tier with Sport model among popular entry level fountain pens, with two cons. First of all, it was short and most of the people had to use it with cap posted on. And secondly, since it is short (again) you have to use it with a short cartridge or with its tiny mini converter which doesn’t help very much to hold inks.
Seems that, Kaweco has taken into consideration all those critics from the fountain pen users that it launched a new fountain pen which can be deemed as a full size, that can be used without posting the cap. However, this pen might have two other qualities to receive critics from the users. First of all, classic Kaweco clips does not fit. (I know, among us, there are some people using those clips on Perkeo’s. But don’t! Please :)) And secondly, the grip section has notches. This a point that Lamy Safari counterparts pick on the most. Kaweco says, I am taking the risk with this triangular grip section. Wow, brave!
Kaweco Perkeo has been launched in four different colors as of now. I am not sure, if we can see them in different or limited colors as in its rival Lamy. In these four different colors, two different colored nibs have been used. And every nib comes in Fine and Medium choices. I believe, especially in a fountain pen for starters, there should be a broad nib option as well. By the way, I really liked the black nibs going with the suitable bodies. Besides, click on cap is perfect for the daily note taking.
The most suprrising thing about Kaweco Perkeo that it has nothing to do with the dry old Kaweco sports. Especially my Old Chambray is a fire hose. Look at its writing sample. And I think, best thing about Kaweco Perkeo is its price. 15 USD? Nice! It is a good alternative for beginners and/or for someone who is looking for a nice cheap pen for daily use.
Did you like Perkeo?
Zeynep Pinkypen


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