Kaweco Ruby Red Ink

Hi All, Here I am with a very appropriate ink for this hot hot summer days. Kaweco Ruby red. But I am talking about a real red, especially when compared to Edelstein Ruby.
Red ink fans know that, red inks are generally tend to dry sooner in the fountain pens, thicker compared to other color of inks and generally tend to have flow issues. This red ink has no such problems. It has a great flow.
 And as you can see, it is “the” red ink. Again, if you compare it with the Pelikan 4001 red, which is more orange than red, you can see that Kaweco Ruby Red is a real red.
Since we had a little incident with that, my bottle is not very handsome but still we are here. Kaweco inks are coming in these vintage looking 30 ml bottles.
What is your favorite red ink?
Zeynep Woman in Red


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