Kaweco Skyline Grey Fountain Pen

It is cold out and also dark here. I fully understand the Goethe who said “Do open the shutter of the bedroom so that more light may enter” as his last words or the verse “Let there be light” I wanted to use a pen going along well with this dark season, Kaweco Skyline Grey. This pen was a gift from Fontoplumo.nl. Thanks!
As you know, Kaweco added two colors to a new series called Skyline. One is a very light shade of blue called Mint and the other one is this grey shown in the photos. When considered, Kaweco Sport is one of the best choice for beginners, I guess they should offer more and more colors.
My pen has a broad nib. It writes smooth as a typical Kaweco. I put JFK navy blue, one of the new inks of Montblanc.
Do you like grey?
Zeynep Grisnuage

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