Kaweco Special Dip Pen

If you like dip pens and don’t know where to start, I have good news for you. Our good old friend Kaweco ise making dip pens with a great body.
Most of the fountain pen enthusiasts try dip pens, especially right after they have come across with flex handwriting samples. But in most cases it is a disappointment. There are two main reasons for this disappointment. First, we should rinse dip nibs with a dish soap right before the first use. So that, we can wash off the oil residue and increase the ink holding capacity of the nib.
And the second thing is that we need to use speacial inks like, drawing inks. Since, fountain pen inks are much more fluidal when compared to drawing inks, it ends up with failure when you try to use fountain pen inks with dip nibs. However, please do not use drawing inks in your fountain pen since subtances like gum arabic may cause detrimental damages to your feed.
Do you use dip nibs?
Zeynep Penthusiast

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