Kaweco Special FP Review

Okay, let’s keep it up with Kaweco. And this is the photo of my prejudice. Do you know why? Because I did not even take it to my hands because of its look. I assumed it is a heavy and cold pen. But one day, I tried my dear friend Zeynep’s pen and I realized that I was wrong. That’s why I was really glad that Special FP was one of the pens that Kaweco sent me.
Kaweco Special FP has an octagonal body and matte finish. It has a nice touch. I was worried if it got scratched but it didn’t have any wear and tear marks during the time I used it.
Grip section of the pen is made of black chromed brass and the grip section is not smooth as the body.
Although it is quite thinner than Lamy Safari, not that short from it. However if it bothers you, you can screw the cap on the top and solve the problem. But if you are using your Lamy Safari unposted, I believe you can use Kaweco Special FP unposted without any inconvenience.
You can see the silver colored Kaweco logo on top the cap and I think it looks nice with the knurling around.
 I have this pen in BB and it writes smooth and wet right out of box. You know, writing wet is not a characteristic for Kaweco nibs. And if BB is not your style, you can choose the options from EF to BB.
I really liked this pen. Did you? Is there any pens that you had prejudice before and you overwhelmed?
Zeynep Ichbinein Berliner

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