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Even though the name calls a Japanese name in mind, Kaweco is a German company started production at 1883. My acquaintance to Kaweco (and also my courage to start this blog) is the lead of Mr. Ali Necib, the owner of Aniki brand. As I saw his special Art Sport edition and his nice gesture of giving this blue Kaweco Chess Sport to me was the beginning of my Kaweco adventure. The company and employees states their motivation with: “The inner fire makes the outward subservient”


With regard to the boxes in the photograph on the top, actually Liliput and Sport pens are coming with the humble  yet nice card boxes. AL Sport, Carbon Sport (I don’t have one) and other short Kaweco pens are coming in glossy black plastic box or retro tin box. Howeever, I am not really sure which one is coming with which unfortunately, since I took those boxes as courtesy of the stationery I bought the pens. (By the way I will make a Liliput review on a different post)
From left: Kaweco Liliput, Kaweco  AL Sport, Kaweco Chess Sport ve Kaweco Sport
This brass (or embossing as in Liliput) top Kaweco logo on the caps are used since 1929 in almost every Kaweco pen.
As you can see, all my Kaweco’s except Kaweco Sport has Medium (M) nibs. This actually arises from the lack of sufficient interest to fountain pens in Turkey and as a result of this fountain pen distributors choose to stick with the standard nibs and pens. Whereas, it is possible to purchase Kaweco in EF-F-M-B-BB and even with italic nibs. By the way, as there is Kaweco engravings on the nibs, all nibs are produced by Peter Bock AG peculiarly for Kaweco in Germany since 1939.


As understood from the photos, Kaweco’s clips are de-attachable. For the ones carrying the pen in shirt pocket, I can immediately state that, it holds firmly. By the way, those who looks carefully can easily see but I want to indicate that the color of the clips, nib and top engraving is matching. I mean; if the nib of a pen is golden then the clips and top engraving is golden too.

Leather cover with gold pendant seen in the photo above, has been produced  since 1971 and can hold two Sport pens without their clips very firmly. And due to the octagonal shape of the top covers they stand still without scratching each other. Besides, one other thing to mention, this octagonal shape prevents pens to roll-over from the table even though the clips is not attached. I guess this is the German Engineering 🙂

With regard to dimensions of the pen, it is 10.39 centimeters when cap is closed, 13.37 centimeters when cap posted on and 10.02 when the cap is not posted (with bare body). Therefore, if you have small hands like mine, you could also use it without cap. And for the weights, please click for the table.
And now, let’s talk about the writing performance. I  put a sample for Medium (M) and Fine (F) nibs so that you could compare the nib sizes. As you could see there is not dramatic difference between M and F yet it is noticeable. However, for their writing quality and pleasure, both pens are very good. I can easily say that I have never disappointed by any of my Kaweco pens. In this respect, Kaweco has an excellent price/performance ratio. However, it should be cleared that (at least for Turkey), since Kaweco is a new player on the market, prices are not stable. For example you can buy Kaweco Sport either for 40 TRY (app 20 EUR) or 60 TRY (app 30 EUR). Or AL Sport can be sold between 140 TRY (app 70 EUR) or 220 (app 110 EUR). Therefore, you should be doing a good market monitoring before buying it.
Long story short, I do like Kaweco pens and I believe Sport is a good choice for who want to start using fountain pens.


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