Kaweco Traveller’s Pen Case

Kaweco Pen Case
Hello All,
In the recent days everyone around is looking for pen cases to place their pens. Therefore, I wanted to help you in your search and today we are having a glance at Kaweco Pen Case. Although Kaweco normally has pen pouches for one or two pen, this time we have a product called “Kaweco Traveller’s Case” and it will be assisting you in your travels.
Kaweco Pen Case Inside
This leather case can host 6 pens placed vertically while the other side of the has a fishnet holder where you can put a small notebook, business cards, maybe one or two cartridges or a small lead box for your mechanical pencils. And there is a fabric flap which prevents those two sides grinding each other.
This pen case was kindly sent to me by Kaweco Germany (many thanks) and unfortunately it is not offered in Turkey. This 6 pen holding case has a price around USD 110. If you are looking for a similar case you can either order online or visit the nearest Kaweco shop.
How do you carry your pens around?
Zeynep Kesedcijan

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