Kaweco Twin Nib

Please do not temper with your monitor settings. There is no glitch in the screen. This is Kaweco Twin Nib.
This nib, made by Bock has a Twin Bock engraving on it. It is like a big italic nib with two slits and a dent on the bottom. With this you can have two parallel line in one move where one is thick and the other is thin.
I bought this pen from Yeni Zaman Stationery Shop in Istanbul for 85 TL which is around 35 Euro. It comes within Kaweco classic pen body. It is a pleasure to write with this pen. Sorry not write but play with it. However you can gete very successful results while practicing your calligraphy or for example writing invitations…
What was the most interesting nib you have ever used?
Zeynep Twinnib

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