Keskin Color L’ancienne Istanbul Notebook


I am neither knowledgeable nor talented to tell you about old Istanbul. But I can briefly depict the day I bought this notebook. I was rushing to a meeting walking on the awful pavements of Istanbul. I was in a hurry on the contrary to the lady pounding among the old houses with oriel windows. I was stressed. I barged into the first stationery shop I have seen. But either I had most of the notebooks they offered or they were so coarse in terms of paper. Then right near the door, I have seen Keskin Color’s this notebook. With its price of 2,75 (app 1 Eur) it was calling me and giving a message “let people go like the lady in the cover is leaving this cavalry behind”. I got the notebook but I am not sure if I got the message.
What I am trying to say is: Sometimes a notebook is not just a notebook. Sometimes it is a memory of a certain day, a vessel to carry us with the illustration on the cover and sometimes a confident of our precious secrets. This notebook of Keskin Color is a memory reminding me of that very night.
On the back cover there is a small illustration in comply with the front and a small square including the information. This is a 12×17 cm book with 48 sheet. There is no indication of paper weight. I wish…
Many might love ivory paper and I sometimes prefer it too. However, to see the color of the inks and to make some doodling from time to time, white paper is ideal.
The performance of this notebook is pretty interesting. It is not heavy or heavily coated. It absorbs the ink immediately and rarely it feathers with some inks (lie de the for instance). It has a shadowing on the back page but it is not a torture since there is no bleed through. It was around 1 Euro when I got it. When I checked online it is around 1,5 Euro. I guess it can be found pretty easy since Keskin Color has a good distribution web.
How did you find it?
Zeynep Prettylady


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