Kimmidoll Notebook Review


Today, we have a notebook which I think ladies will enjoy more. Kimmidoll is a brand created with an inspiration of Japanese culture. Actually the flagship product of the brand is little dolls like Momijis’. However Kimmidoll offers different products such as keychains, pens and notebooks dedicated to this single dolls. For instance the notebook I picked is dedicated to the doll named Mamiko which is a symbol of Friendship. You can check the dolls from this link.
I got this notebook from the Netherlands, as far as remember for 14 Euro. Cover of the notebook has a very nice priting on a membran like waterproof material. It has an elastic band even though it is a bit loose. It also has a little charm depicting the related doll hanging from the cover of the notebook. This charm is also a bookmark for the notebook.
(And this is the problem I mentioned before that blogger is rotating the photos and I could not able to change it even though I tried uploading it for several times. Is there anyone who knows the solution?) Kimmidoll has a spiralled notebook inside and the paper is surprisingly good. It was written with Levenger Ultraviolet Fountain pen and Sailor Ultramarine Ink and I used the pages on both sides.
Even though the size is a bit odd (neither small pocket notebook nor a full size one) I liked the paper. Even though it is not sold in Turkey, I might have another when I visit the Netherlands next time.


What do you think about spiralled notebooks?
Zeynep Spiralledbook


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