Kum Pencut Pen-Style Scissors

This week I would like to introduce you a product other than a fountain pen or paper or ink. It is a pair of scissors of Kum brand named Kum Pencut Pen-Style Scissors. This scissors comes like a pen and with a little magic trick it converts into a scissors.
First we pull out the cap. And if you are careful enough you should have noticed the clips o_O
Then, we slide the little black button to top so that we can reveal tiny little ears of the scissors.
And now our scissors is ready to go! It might not be the best scissors in the world but it can easily be the most practical one when you consider the space it takes and safety. It is going to fit in your pen holder and it is not going to shred your purse accidentally.
I got this pen from Singapore years ago. I guess it was 2013. However, you can find it online through websites like Jetpens. It is about 15 USD. Did you like it?
Zeynep Icutitopen

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