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Today I would like to introduce you with a mini fountain pen: Laban Expression Black Pearl. Yes, although it is in the color of a cup of nice frothy hot chocolate, this pen is named Black Pearl by Laban. Laban is a fountain pen company established in 1981, originated from Taiwan. They are generally known with their resin fountain pens.
The nib of th epen is marked with company logo beneath the Laban iridum engraving. So there is a nib made especially for the company, not a generic one. Even though I came across with a lot of reviews in FPN compailing with scratchy nibs of Laban, my pen is quite smooth.
This wet writer might have only a problem which is the short section part made of polished chrome. I haven’t experienced any problems writing with it, due to small size of my hands but it might be a problem for bigger hands. But I liked the tampered shape which helps the gripping.
In order to demonstrate the size of the pen, I compared it with Kaweco Classic SportCampo Marizo MiniKaweco Liliput and Pilot Petit 1. As you can see, it seems smaller from Kaweco Classic Sport and a bit taller from Kaweco Liliput.
But when the cap posted, it becomes in the same size with Liliput. Even though the cap is a screw type, when posted you don’t need to screw it to the top unlike Liliput which makes Laban Expression more practical than Liliput.
I bought this pen from UK long time ago. I cannot remember the exact price right now, but today you can find it through e-bay around 50-55 USD. So, if you are looking for a small fountian pen with resin body and using international short cartdiges, Laban Expression might be a good alternative.
What do you think about mini fountain pens?
Zeynep Minipen


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