Lamy 68 Pistonfiller Fountain Pen

Good Morning! Do you think if we start our week with a great Lamy does our week become perfect? Let’s cross our fingers. And hoping that I want to introduce you with Lamy 68. I found this piece of gem in our Facebook group Kalemlik which was launched to trade our second hand pens.
Unlike the very popular Lamy Safari and Al-Star series, Lamy 68 is a thin and black pen. A little bit shorter and quite thinner from Lamy Safari. It reminds me of Scrikss 17/71 series.
It is engraved “Lamy 68” in the cap band of the pen. Cap is a click type but it closes securely.
It has a little ink window at the body where you can see the ink and ink level of the pen.
The nib of Lamy 68 is called “nail” type. It just has a breath hole and the brand Lamy on it. However as far as I understand from the nib shape and writing experience it is an oblique broad.
It has a characteristic writing style due to the nib. I liked it. It has a continuous wet flow and a smooth nib. To be frank, I love this pens of Lamy more than the modern ones. I wish Lamy made more of these pens again…
Did you like Lamy 68?
Zeynep Germensson

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