Lamy 80 Fountain Pen Review

Let’s start the week with a good old pen: Lamy 80 Vintage. Lamy 80 is a fountain pen produced among 1974-1985. It is a pistonfiller and it looks like the other pens of the serie like Lamy 81, Lamy 86, Lamy 27. And maybe you have already noticed, it looks like a thinner version of Lamy 2000.
Lamy 80 has a 14k gold nib with an interesting shape. It is white in harmony with the other trimmings of the pen.
You can just look at the cap in order to distinguish it from similar models. “Lamy 80 West Germany” writing on the cap gives you the idea of the production period and you can determine the model.
It is a piston filler. And again like Lamy 2000, you can see the ink level through a small transparent window.
And it has a great feature that, even though it is a piston filler, you can dissemble and clean it conveniently. Hence, it is much more easier to clean this pen when compared to other piston fillers. (Not Pelikan yes! Since the nib is screw fit in Pelikan, it is also easy to it either)
To put in a nutshell, Lamy 80 is a nice, smart, simple pen with a convenient use. How can we find this pen? I bought it from a friend of mine. However, you can dig through the house of your relatives who lived in Germany for a while or check the thrift/antique stores and seek the websites.
Zeynep Lamyissogreat


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