Lamy Al-Star 2014 Color: Blue-Green


Lamy know people and especially an expert on their target consumers. Therefore, producing a new limited edition color pen every year, they lead us to “I-must-buy-it” feeling. Above, you can see the limited edition of Lamy Al-Star 2014: Blue-Green. As you can see from the link, the pen has been offered in some markets and already sold off.
Of course, since the Safari is more popular compared to Al-Star, followers are eagerly waiting for the new color of Safari. However, there has been an issue recently. While everyone is waiting for purple Safari, Chinese pen manufacturer Hero offered a new line of pens, called Summer Safari which is absolutely a Safari knock off and guess what, they have the long awaited purple “Safari”. Let’s see what is Lamy going to do about it. Do they produce purple Safari without caring about Hero or they will skip to another color?
Zeynep Safarihat


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