Lamy Al-Star 2016 Limited Edition Charged Green

When Lamy announced the new color of Al-Star 2016 it was a big disappointment among fountain pen enthusiasts. Far from creating a glow, it was a big failure to see more “greeeeen”.

As you can see from the photos we were unable to handle a new green fountain pen after 2008 Al-Star Silvergreen and 2014 Al-Star Blue Green.On the top of it, it was not just Al-Star. Lamy Safari was also welcomed us with Neon Yellow in 2013 and Neon Lime in 2015 as the fountain pen crowd were begging for a new green fountain pen. Anyway, dear Lamy started launching all their new fountain pens with matching cartridges so we will not cry ever again “Nooooo, I don’t have matching ink for that pen!” And here you are, the matching ink of Lamy Charged Green. At least, Lamy choking us with green for a while has just announced Lamy Safari 2016 will be Dark Lilac, a purple Safari with a black clips. Otherwise, it would be a total failure.

What do you think about Lamy Limited Edition marketing policy? I think they are about to use all their credit.
Zeynep Greenpen

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