Lamy Dark Lilac Ink Review

Lamy’s last year’s limited edition Lamy Safari Dark Lilac was carrying a great surprise along as you might remember which was a wonderful matching ink. Dark Lilac comes in the solid sturdy bottle of regular Lamy inks. A nice solid cap, a glass bottle ends in a v shape to serve as a reservoir and a blotting paper to wipe your pen afterwards.
However the bottle is not the only good thing about it. It also has a great color. Very highly saturated purple color is waiting for you.
Lamy Dark Lilac Sheen
And this saturated color has a great golden sheen on papers emphasising sheens like Tomoe River paper.
Therefore, this Lamy Dark Lilac ink which appears very dark and mono toned in standard copy paper, has little golden sparkles on Tomoe River paper.
Lamy Dark Lilac Ink
But I don’t know why, Lamy decided not to launch this ink in all countries. For example, in the Netherlands, it was just cartidges offered and there were no bottled ink option. I am not sure why Lamy decided to follow a marketing strategy like that.
What do you think about Lamy Dark Lilac ink?
Zeynep PurpleFloyd


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