Lamy Ink Bottle New vs. Old

I have two bottles of Lamy inks, turquoise one is new and the red one is old. Since I did not come across with the old bottle so far, I wanted to share it with you. Tuquoise lamy ink on the left side is the actual bottle of Lamy’s. There is blotting paper right under the bottle of 50 ml bottles. Blotting paper is placed there to let you clean the nib right after you dip your pen in the bottle which is a quite nice design detail.
For the new bottles, Lamy also dealt with problem by changing the design and put a bulb shaped end to the bottle which also enables you to use the last drop of your ink. And if you noticed, both bottles do not have paper labels on them.
Which bottle did you like the most?
Zeynep Inkdrunk

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