LAMY Lady Fountain Pen Review

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce and introduce Lamy Lady for you! It was two or three months ago, I came across with this pen in an old stationery and I fell in love immediately. But it was quite expensive and I had to say goodbye with a drop of tear in my eyes. But you know what they say “Be careful about what you wish for, it may become real” And it became real when I went to Ankara for a meeting and visited my family. I have mentioned about my dad before. He loves shopping, so he brought me to a stationery and there my love! With his financial participation, I finally reunited with my be loved pen!
 Pen comes with a card box and a fabric pouch has a “LAMY” imprint on it. However if you pull out the lined box nest, there is a Lamy cartridge box, a leaflet about this pen and a “Certificate of Quality” signed by the employee of the company. Thank you mister or miss Hagyer! But this definitely make you feel that you have the right choice.
 Production of Lamy Lady line starts in 1994 with these three pens and discontinued in late 90’s. (What a sham!e) I am so lucky that I found the pattern that I loved. The pen is designed by Wolfgang Fabian and the patterns are designed by an Indonesian born graphic artist Sharon Jodjaja based on a survey “what is the expectation of women from a pen”.

Unlike Lamy Safari or Al-Star this pen has a 14 K ring shaped nib. (Ring shaped? Is it an emphasize to unlimited will of women desperately asking for a ring?!!!! :p ) Aside from joke, this pen has a butter smooth nib, which is dancing on the paper like Michael Jackson doing moonwalk on the stage. I loved it! Oh sweat love! However, there is no marking on the nib indicating the nib size so I send a message to Lamy, waiting for the answer.

Lamy Lady fountain pen both works with standard Lamy cartridge and Z22 ink converter. I am glad it has the converter in it because I am too lazy to get one  and I fill the cartridges with syringe because I am lazy. Oh God, why!!!

Let me add something. Body material of this fountain pen is porcelain and there are a few fountain pens which have porcelain body like MontBlanc, Sailor, Omas and Loiminchay. Technical features are as follows:

– Weight with cap: 32 gr
– Weight without cap: 24.4 gr
– Length capped: 14.2 cm
– Length without cap: 13.7 cm


Since cap is not posted on top, there is no measurement for that. I have to say, in numbers it is a bit heavier than I like but in practice, you don’t feel it. And the little black points you see on top and bottom are the fruits of great German engineering. It is to prevent pen from rolling as you see, since it does not have a clip. That’s great and I think unexpectedly aesthetic.
I don’t know you but I always have hard times, while inking a pen for the first time. I think it should be something special. However, for this pen, the first ink choice was rather easy. I inked it with J. Herbin Poussiére de Lune. You know, it is a Lady pen and I believe all ladies has a witch inside. Not in a bitchy way but in a shaman or wiccan way of course! And as you all know again, moon is related with Goddesses and spells/magic while sun is related with masculine Gods. Therefore, my ink choice is a Moon Dust ink reminding me of Moon Goddesses. Hope you liked the pen.By the way, this has been my 100th post and I would like to thank all who have been very supporting with e-mails, suggestions and comments in my blog journey continuing since April.



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