Lamy Linea Fountain Pen

Hello All,
While everyone is talking about new Lamy Al-Star color Pacific, I would like to present you a less-known, outcasted, less-talked Lamy pen. Lamy Linea! Would you like to look at this great pen, I got thanks to Sukret.
Lamy Linea vs. Lamy Safari
With slim, metal and lined body, Lamy Linea is a tad shorther than Lamy Safari. It comes with squared, waved and lined body patterns. I like the one I owned.
Lamy Linea Ucu / Lamy Linea Nib
Lamy Linea has a pastic and round grip section. I find it quite comfortable. And the nib is our good old steel nib, used in Lamy Safaris’ and Al-Stars’. If you would like, you can get a gold Lamy nib and use it in your Linea.
Lamy Z24 Lamy Z28 Lamy Z26 Converters


There is a major fact that separates this pen from Lamy Safari and Al-Star and this is the convertr. While Lamy Safari and Al-Star uses Z24/Z28 converters with red top, Lamy Linea uses Z26 converter that Lamy uses in some special pens like Lamy Lady. 

Lamy Linea + Sailor Jentle Sky High
Within so many Lamy pens I got so far, I only came across with one or two scratchy Lamy nibs. This one was sure not one of them. I inked it with Sailor Jentle Sky High and they were perfect match.
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