Lamy Persona Fountain Pen

Today we are going a little back in time. It is one of the flag ship of the Lamy fountain pens and the most expensive of them, Lamy Persona. The pen manufactured between 1990-2004 and designed for Lamy by Mario Bellini. Except the black titanium oxide I have, it has gray titanium, platinum and macrolon body versions. And Persona is granted as one of the most special pen of Lamy.
The pen has vertical lines on the body, horizontal lines on the grip section and a smooth chubby cap. Even though the body is shorter than a Lamy Safari, it has a nice well-balanced weight.
In my pen, black titanium oxide, there is a 18k gold nib. However in the platinum and macrolon versions it has 14k nibs. This ring type nib reminds the careful readers of the Lamy Lady fountain pen.
Clip of this pen is sunk in the cap and it has Lamy brand engraved on it. It looks non-functional this way but when you just press on the knurled section on top you will reveal the function.
When you press on top, it reveals and becomes a functioning clip. Since I am not using clip, I am not sure if it works well but I think it is a nice design detail.
Lamy Persona works with Lamy Z26 converter. As you know, Safari’s use Z24 and the piston knob of that converter is red. You can also use Lamy cartridges but since I prefer using it with converters I didn’t try it yet.
My Lamy Persona has a Broad nib. It writes really soft and smooth. As I mentioned above this pen was the most expensive pen of Lamy family with a price tag of USD 300. Since you consider it has not been manufactured since 2004, you can only find it on e-Bay or in a second hand shop abroad.
Did you like Lamy Persona?
Zeynep The Mask
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