Levenger True Writer Fountain Pen Ultraviolet


Levenger, is a brand created by Steve and Lori Leveen in 1987 (Imho, lady’s name should be always at first) They have a wide range of products from wooden furniture to leather goods, pens and inks. They are all great! I was checking their website for the pens for a while but I couldn’t decide. When I finally had the courage, I ended up ordering it. I received it with the box shown above. It arrived quite fast (in a week) and I am really delighted because it is more beautiful than I expected both in appearance and in writing.
It was made from a very nice resin. It is quite moderate on size basis. If you enjoy heavy pens, you may consider posting the cap however, since I prefer light-weight pens for my long writing marathons, I am happy using it without posting the cap. It is a bit heavier than Lamy Safari. You can click the link.
Even though I couldn’t display the great color of the pen due to lack of my photographing abilities, it is a bluish-purplish resin, ultra-violet just proving its name. You will be happy about its resin and the nib as well. However, my only problem with this pen was the shopping process that I want to share as an expreience. I ordered the pen from Levenger’s website and at first the shipping was 0.00 USD! I thought, “Oh great!”. Nevertheless, after a couple of hours, I received an e-mail that the shipping will be 50 USD and they will proceed from my credit card, if I approve. Since I thought there is no sense of payig 50 dollars shipping for a 75 dollars pen so I sent an e-mail cancelling my order. At the end, we agreed on a 20 dollars shipping payment. Yet, when I received the pen after a week, I was quite surprised with the size of the box they sent me. It was quite a huge box, filled with paper and a regular size pen box in the center. I think Levenger should think about optimizing the size of parcels 🙂


Do you have such shipping surprises?
Zeynep Purpleson


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