Lizzy Collection Notebook

Do you like letters? What about letter stamps? I like them! Every letter carries another excitement, even though it doesn’t bear a stamp on it. When I was in high school I had a BFF and we used to write letters to each other since we were in different classes. Despite the fact we were in a boarding school and nearly spending all our time together we used to find things to write each other.  “Dear S. I still keep your letters :)” When I came across with this very notebook in Remzi Stationery at Metrocity Mall with no identity other than Lizzy Collection name on its back, I remembered those letters which was written on detail paper. I got the notebook but I couldn’t use it since I was using other pens back then. Recently, I was looking for a compact notebook to carry in my bag to take notes and quoting things in mind. So our eyes met (metaphorically) and I got it.
Sizes are about 13 cm x 9 cm. It is a small one but sometimes small things can bring happiness. It is very comfortable in the hand (at least in my hand) it has 6 booklets and it spreads widely from the back stitches. So you can write easily.
I tested this ruled notebook with 3 fountain pens, 2 felt tip pens and a gel pen.
As seen, it is not a great performer. But nevertheless, I just learned not to use the back pages. That’s why no problem for me. It has a nice paper which doesn’t cause feathering and it is not too glossed to compel the pen. I guess you can understand how much I liked this notebook if I tell you that I nearly used half of it already.
The notebook has a textured surface. I am not sure if you can tell from the photos. Even though I don’t know the company who makes those notebooks, I remember the stamps from a website. Those stamps were initially posters made by an Advertisement Agency and it was submitted on for free. However, I couldn’t find any correlation among this agency and this notebook. However, although I cannot find any information about the company, even though it is no more offered in Remzi Bookstore, I hope lovely notebook we will meet again!
Zeynep Letterstamp,


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