Louis Vuitton Ink Vert Optimiste

Do you know that famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton has a pen and ink line? If you are reading this blog for a while, yes! If you are new, you can click the tags on the right side. Our guest today is Vert Optimiste from Louis Vuitton inks. Louis Vuitton ink bottles are cubical, solid and quite subtle when compared to rest of the brand line.

Louis Vuitton Vert Optimiste, is a quite dark green. Especially with the wet pen, you have almost black. 

Although it is not much, you can see the shading especially in flex pens. I certainly like, that it seem black and shades green.
 Even though it is smudged by the water, ink is still on the paper which counts I guess.
So, what I didn’t like about this ink? Apart from its price tag of 35 euros, it comes with the brown cardbox seen on the first photo. However, I have to add that, it is a great shade of green to use in every kind of correspondence and it can easily be cleaned off off the pen.
What do you think about Louis Vuitton inks? Have you ever used one?
Zeynep Brandingen

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