Mercedes Benz Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen

This was a pen from last year. I couldn’t find time to review it. My mum and dad visited Germany last winter and  they got me this pen from the souvenir shop of Mercedes factory.
Pen comes within a card box, laying in a foam bed and elastic strap to keep it still. It has a carbon fiber body and all in tones of black, silver and grey. When you actually think that the target market of Mercedes is men, than this masculine pen style is a good choice.
 It is a big bulky pen with a giant nib, yet looks nice. It is 34,5 gr with cap and 14,8 gr. without cap. Since I use without posting the cap, it is a nice weight for me. Length of the pen is 13.7 cm when cap is closed, 15.9 when cap posted and 11.8 cm without cap. So it can either be used with cap posted or without cap.
Mercedes fountain pen has an Iridium Point Germany B nib on it. If you are wondering what is an Iridium Point Germany Nib, you can read this article. It is a big nib but not as wet as I expect from a broad nib.
Overall, it is a nice pen. And eventually, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂 But since it is very masculine and I have too many pens which I haven’t use yet, this pen is not on my daily arsenal. However, I think, gentlemen who like cars would love and even take it for their daily rotation. Am I right?
Zeynep Mercedesbenz

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