Messing with Ink

Actually, I know nothing, absolutely nothing about art. However, ignorance is bliss 🙂 But just a minute, I have to start over. If we rewind from the times when earth was in a hot dense state, everything started when I got a Zig Kuretake Water Brush Pen. This brush pen, I remember sharing with you in one of my previous posts, is a cleverly designed basic item which makes me think “Why anyone else come up with this before?” When you fill the back chamber of the pen with water, everywhere can be your art studio immediately. Of course two heads are better than one, I was using it with only aquarelle crayons until I was warned by Exarchate of Constantionople, Grand Architecht, Turkish Long-Necked Plucked Lute Master Mr. Celâleddin: “Ma’am, you may exercise watercolors along your brush pen. Please feel free to practice upon my compositions.”  Those artistic works was performed by Celâleddin Bey and treated with Zig Kuretake Water Brush Pen. Basically, it is creation + brush + water. I wish life was that simple!
Of course, I got a small beginners set first and then a beautiful watercolor set for amusing myself. So it means “Brace yourselves water color posts are coming!”. Of course I can never assure that it will be as good as those ones 🙂


Zeynep Watercolors


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