Mont Blanc Oyster Grey Ink


This is the first Montblanc ink I have tried so far. Really, it comes with a beautiful drawer box and a nice glass bottle in parallel with its luxury brand perception. Bottle cap decorated with little white star reminding the snowy mountain peak identifying Montblanc, this bottle deserves a place on your desk.
From time to time, my color love shifts from one color to another. For a while, I was craving for a grey ink and I wanted to give a chance to Montblanc inks. Oyster grey is my first ink from Montblanc. At first it appeared a bit light but then I really liked it.

This ink has a great shading, water resistant and dries completely in 5 seconds. So what can I ask for more?

Even though I didn’t experienced any feathering problems with Moleskine, a lot of Fountain Pen Networkers using that ink, stated that there is a feathering problem of the ink with rather cheap papers. Please consider that if you are about to buy this ink. And also please bear in mind that, I use Moleskine Plain Notebook which can be considered average on paper quality. For example with Aniki notebooks I did not experienced even a slightest feathering.


To give an idea I added also L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Gris de Payne to the swatch, so you could better compare that Montblanc Oyster Grey is more a graphite grey while Gris de Payne is more a blue-grey. When I use Montblanc Oyster Grey, I feel like I used a lead pencil afterwards.You can see a writing sample with a wet writing fountain pen. Besides, this is how I use my Hermitage Amsterdam notebook, a ruled and a blank page. I took my notes to ruled page and blank page, I use it for some illustrated notes and some quotes and notes I think which is important but cannot included in the text concept.


By the way, I bought the ink from Sirkeci Yeni Zaman Stationery for 35 TL (17 EUR) and two days after I stopped by Montblanc Nisantasi and same ink was 45 TL (22,5 EUR) It is nearly 30% difference. Besides, they were selling some inks where the expiration date was November 2012. Keep that in mind.



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