Montblanc Ink Bottles

If one reason that we love fountain pen inks is the great colors, the other should be the nice looking ink bottles. I guess companies also noticed about our enthusiasm about glass bottles so that after Pilot Iroshizuku and Pelikan Edelstein, Graf von Faber Castell also initiated their fancy looking ink bottles. Therefore, I wanted to share some Montblanc ink bottles I have in hand. On the top, you can see three different generations of Montblanc ink bottles.
This plastic bottle is a Montblanc ink from 80’s. It has a colored plastic cap (color changes due to the ink inside), a transparent line at the back so you could see the ink level and a leaned spot so you could use it till the last drop.
In 90’s, Montblanc changes its bottles to a glass design which is also similar to the present one. You could see the snowy mountain tip on the cap and there is a pocket to use when ink level is reduced.
At the end of 2000’s Montblanc updates bottles to a stubby design, keeping the old style increasing the ink to 60 ml and still uses the same bottles.
Apart from these, there are limited edition productions of Montblanc where different types of bottles are used. Let me introduce them in a different post.
Zeynep Snowyhills

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