Montblanc Lavender Purple Ink

I cannot remember if I told about it once or more. I got my first fountain pen as a present when I was in high school and as soon as I got the pen I bought a purple ink. All the things we have experienced, shapes our lives. Purple ink means something for me. When I was building my character in high school years, I met a man who only uses green pens/inks. That’s why I told myself that I need my own color. Unfortunately I didn’t keep my first fountain pen and ink and I cannot remember their brands either. However, since then it is a reality that I have a tendency towards purple inks.
I got this purple Montblanc ink from Milan Airport Montblanc Shop while I was trailing along to the gate. (I hope one day for a Montblanc pen 🙂 This ink is named as “Lavender Purple” but it is a bit dark when compared to lavender color. Nevertheless, it is dark and serious enough to overcome the prejudice of the gentlemen.

You can see from the writing sample it is a very saturated color. So it provides a writing experience where you can read your writing conveniently even with the finest nibs. It doesn’t have a general tendency to feather. However, it can feather with wet pen + cheap paper combination. Actually one might think that there are a lot of shades of purple, as you can see from the swatches this is quite a distinctive shade. However, I had only one disappointment about this ink: Normally I always prefer lilac scent over lavender, yet I really wished to smell lavender as I opened the bottle 🙂 Otherwise, it is a beautiful and joyful color. I even think it is suitable for business life due to its dark color.

What do you think, only black or blue should be used at business?
Zeynep Purpleink


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