Montblanc Marc Newson Fountain Pen

Montblanc Marc Newson Fountain Pens
Hi Everyone,
One of the pens I have been laying my hands down for a while was Marc Newson. Marc Andrew Newson is a designer born in 1963. And since, he designed lots of different products from jewelry to airplanes. Now, he is presenting us a fountain pen by Montblanc. This Montblanc Marc Newson fountain pen is a horror story for classic Montblanc pen supporters and a new, exciting journey for the ones who detest regular Montblanc pen lines. I found chance to use this pen for the sake of Mr. KGK and I was the one who inked it for the first time.
Montblanc Marc Newson Fountain Pen
Marc Newson has a short cap compared to body and regular fountain pen cap and body ratio, a clips with two lines resembling to Lamy Safari/Al-Star clips and a half cut body top. And this body top has a Montblanc star engraved.
Montblanc Marc Newson Nib
Nib of the pen is quite plain. On the 14k gold nib, initials of the designer has been engraved. However the grip section of the pen is ribbed (or screwed) as you can see from the photo. I think Marc Newson has never inked a fountain pen from the ink bottle. Because when you dip your pen into an ink bottle, you should be very very cautious or those ribs get inks between them and it is quite hard to clean. Thank you Marc Newson as we haven’t had stained hands enough. Nevertheless, call a spade a spade, I liked the magnetic cap which also has a half tour. <3
Montblanc Marc Newson Fine Nib Writing Sample
And about the writing experience. Have you ever seen a pen dehydrated to death. Yeap that’s it. It is so dry that there is no pleasure writing with it. Flush it, put a wetter ink and here it writes but not good enough. to put in a nutshell, bigger the expectation bigger the frustration.
What is your latest disappointment?
Zeynep Blackpen

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