Montblanc Miles Davis

Hello All,
This week’s ink is Montblanc Miles Davis which is launched in the memory of great musician Miles Davis. This ink of course has a matching limited edition pen but I only have the ink if you don’t mind.
Montblanc Miles Davis Ink Bottle
Miles Davis ink comes with a cardboard box bearing the silhouette of the artist in a 30 ml cubic glass bottle. The lids of those bottles has a certain quality. And the bottle looks nice over the table. However there is no inscription on the bottle so if you lost the itsy bitsy label under the bottle you might have hard times to remember the name of your Montblanc inks.
Montblanc Miles Davis Written Sample


Miles Davis, as you can understand from the color of the graphics on the box is a quite light shade of blue. It is almost like the sunny sky of the day you have first seen your other-half, or like the blue of your first bicycle. It is shining. It makes you smile.

And surprisingly, this ink is very water resistant. I am wondering why Montblanc do not label this ink as Miles Davis Water Resistant Ink.
What is your favorite Montblanc ink?
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