Montblanc No:32 Fountain Pen Review

I would like to salute you with a Montblanc, with my favorite Montblanc today. This is a Montblanc Vintage No:32 and this pen placed in top 10 of my favorite pens since the I got it. This elegant, screw cap, piston filler pen has a butter smooth nib
Even though the clips has some wear and tear, there is no weakness. It keeps functioning very well. And on the top of the cap, the emblem of Montblanc, snowy mountain top can be seen.
The model number is aesthetically placed on the trimming of the cap. I love it when the model numbers or names are placed like this without ruining the pen. So, it is easy to identify the pen even after years.
I got this pen as second hand and there is not marking on the nib indicating the nib size. Therefore I have no idea what it is. The only marking on the nib is that it is 14K gold. As you can see it is a half embedded/hooded small size nib. And the writing quality is unbelievable. I can say, writing with this pen makes my handwriting better. I tested this pen with Louis Vuitton Or Audacieux  (Antique Gold) ink which I think matches perfectly with this black elegant pen.
The place where the cap is screwed to the body is made transparent so it works as an ink window either. So it is very functional. But you have to look it through light to see the ink.
I am constantly using this pen since I got it. I wish Montblanc makes such elegant and fine pens again.
Zeynep Snowymountain

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