Monteverde Tool Pen

Engineers, architects and all technical people of the world, gather around. I have something to tell you. We have a fountain pen for you: Monteverde Tool Pen. It is a jack of all. It has three different types of scale. Put it on the table and measure the project. Cool isn’t it? But is it all? No!!!!
Monteverde puts a stylus on top, seeing that we are in the digital age. Take out your cool table and work on it with your great pen.
Is it over? Nooo! When you take out stylus cap, there is a flat and cross point screwdriver. If there is an emergency, for example if the beautiful architect lady’s glasses earpiece falls off you can just fix it with your mini screwdriver. Right!
As it is not enough, Monteverde puts a water gauge in the pen which I couldn’t able to take a proper photo.
With all those, Monteverde offers us a very interesting pen, far from being boring. Another interesting detail about this pen is the cartridge mechanism. When the cap is screwed you can pull the cap and all the nib, feed and cartridge teams comes over. We install the cartridge and push it back.
I don’t know why Monteverde used a stock nib, Iridium Point Germany instead of its own nibs. Even though it is a smooth one, I would prefer Monteverde’s own nibs.
Nibs is smooth without any problems. It is a medium wet. I used it with a black Kaweco cartridge. You can ask if there is any problem with this pen or not. Oh Houston! We have a huge problem. And this is, its weight around 37 grams. I got tired even I was writing this paragraph.

If you say, I am an engineer and I don’t need to write paragraphs and I would be happy with a pen bearing metric and imperial scales, screwdrivers, water gauge and stylus then Monteverde Tool Pen is definitely your pen. And the price is around USD40 which I think fair enough.

Did you like this pen?


Zeynep Myfatherisanengineer


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