Morning Glory Hardcover Notebook

I think there a few stationery enthusiast in the world who haven’t heard about the brand Morning Glory. They have so many products in so many different stationery items. And when I came across with this notebook and get some advices on them, I decided to try one. This notebook comes in a very hard orange cover as you can see from the photo.  You can also keep this cover to tuck your notebook in.
The material of the notebook cover is made of corduroy fabric. There is a tiny Morning Glory brand embossing on them. And I liked the choice of color of the fabric.
And how this cute notebook performs? I tried this notebook with a Parker 45 filled with Waterman Serenity Blue, a Sailor Pro Gear with Levenger Shiraz (which is a quite wet ink, you will soon see), Lily 717 another quite wet ink and Toz Penkala pen with Kaweco Paradise Blue. As you can see, apart from Shiraz had a little feathering, there is none.
Back page performance is quite interesting. There is no bleeding and minimum ghosting. I really wish I could find big and unruled version of this notebook. I get this piece from Can Kırtasiye of Izmir long time ago. And I wish Morning Glory or the distributors can hear us and have those papers in bigger and blank notebooks.
Zeynep Locketpen

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