Motobikes and Fountain Pens: Same Pleasant Journey

What do you say, if I told you there are resemblances between riding a motorcyle and writing with a fountain pen? I recommend you to gaze the post below. Maybe it is enough to love both activities for realizing the resemblance.
 # Motorcycles for Beginners vs. Fountain Pens for Beginners
As you know, we sometimes argue about the fountain pens for beginners. Some says “Lamy is an ideal fountain pen for newbies” while the others kind of hate Lamy at all. While some telling that “Cheap Chinese fountain pens are good choice”, the others claim that it will put off people from using fountain pens. Don’t worry motorcycle riders have the same issue. There is a clash between people who say “1000cc is too much but 600cc is OK” and “Above 125cc is not acceptable”. Some others are cheering “scooter experience before all”.
# Sitting Position is Important
One of the most important thing in motorcycle is the right position to sit and know where to look. What about that when you are writing? A good sitting position will prevent fatigue and possible back problems. And a look from above enables you to see all the paper and allows you to write better. If your handwriting is going upside or downside especially when you are writing on a plain paper, be sure that you are not leaning on the paper too much.
# Avoid White Knuckles
One of the mistakes made while riding a motorcycle is called white knuckles. It means that the rider is clenching his/her fists around the handlebar so much that the knuckles of his/her hand becomes white. Clenching the handlebar too much make it difficult to avoid from dangers and exhausts the rider a lot. Likewise clenching the pen too much is one of the mistakes made while writing. By doing this you get tired in a very short period of time and you cannot move the pen easy enough on the paper which means it hinders you from a better handwriting.
# Ground Quality Affects
While riding a motorcycle, the quality of the motorway asphalt affects the riding comfort. The asphalt for fountain pen is the paper itself. As the good asphalt gives a better riding comfort, a good paper gives you a better writing pleasure with fountain pen.
# Maintenance of Motorcycles vs Maintenance of Fountain Pens
One of the vital key points of riding a motorcycle is not to ignore maintenance. Controls of tyre air, chain lubricant and break hydraulics should be done regularly. And also we have some maintenance to be done while using fountain pens. Such as; flushing the fountain pen after every ink change, avoid leaving it with ink, applying some silicone grease to piston filler pens… Besides, using those machines (motorcycles and fountain pens) is like a rolling stone never gathers moss on it.
# Try to Improve Yourself and Enjoy!
And last but not the least; either ride a motorcycle or write with a fountain pen or do it both but always improve yourself. Having training regularly increases your pleasure on the road and helps you to get better. With fountain pens improving your handwriting or trying to repair your pens will do. Improving your handwriting increases your pleasure on writing and mending the fountain pens will foster the connection between you and your pens.
Always enjoy riding and writing!
Zeynep Penthusiast


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