My Drawings 5


Actually I know, I cannot give an headline to those doodlings as “My Drawings” it is not nice. However, I started just like that and I have to continue to preserve the unity. Ok, since I had my daily self-criticism I can go on.
I got a very nice watercolor set which can be deemed a professional one. However, I did not have chance to use it while moving my home. As I told the story before. I have no education. But since I realized drawing, painting and coloring is the best theraphy I do it very often. And yet, since I have no knowledge of materials, my black pen smudges with water, cannot adjust the color on watercolor and there is a huge gap between what I think and what I draw. But no problem huh? No outsider here 🙂
PS: Some photos I tried to upload in blogger, rotates unexpectedly. Do you know a way to fix it?
Zeynep Novicepainter

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