My Drawings

Have I ever told you about my dad’s passion about making me an artist? Ok, let me tell you. My dad has a talent on painting. He had graduated from a technical high school and after had attend to technical universities, he has a perspective perception and he has talent for painting. As the firstborn of the family, he was passionate about raising me as an artist. So, I spent crayons as a baby spent diapers. Because, poor man was carrying crayons to home for me everyday. I guess if he had spent that effort for milk and calcium, I wouldn’t be that little 🙂 (I know he reads my blog, I love you dad!)
Of course, as understood from the photos, my dad’s effort gone useless. And as I graduated, I starting practicing the most boring profession of the world. Nevertheless, when I saw that Serrose asked her blog, if anyone else is interested in drawing book from Japan, I couldn’t resist and make the order. And now, I am sketching those plain, simple drawings looking from that book.
By the way, if you are wondering about the notebook, The Container Notebook / Melo


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