Nakaya Decapod Twist Heki Temanuri with John Mottishaw Cursive Italic Nib

I am here again with another Nakaya.Yes again it doesn’t belong to me, alas! I used it, I liked it and I shared it. Isn’t it enough? I think it is enough. At least for a long time. Do you remember the other Nakaya I posted about before? If you don’t you can click the link. It was an Aka Temanuri. This time, it is a Twisted Decapod again but in Heki Temanuri; a greenish brown version. And its nib is a bit special.
This time, I had my hands upon a cursive italic nib made by famous American nib master John Mottishaw. When we are talking about cursive italic nibs, it means the edges are a bit crispy. You can find the nib customization made by John Mottishaw within this page.
Since cursive italic nib has crispy edges, you should hold the pen in the upright position without leaning it to the right or left. Even though it is not my cup of coffee I should say it is a nice customization.
Tell me what do you think about Nakaya pens?
Zeynep FuntobeaJapanese

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